The Cholesterol Shock.

Evacetrapib is a drug under development by Eli Lilly that inhibits cholesterolester transfer protein. In a phase 2 trial it was seen as a wonder drug with the following effects:

  • Decrease LDL levels by 35%.
  • Increase HDL levels by 130%.

In a randomised control study by A. Michael Lincoff et all, the ACCELERATE trial, 12,092 patients with high cardiovascular risks received either Evacetrapid or Placebo. In spite of the massive difference in LDL values and HDL values as describes above, the primary endpoint results did not differ in patients receiving Evacetrapid or placebo.  With endpoint the following was taken into consideration; Strokes, myocardial  infarctions, revascularization procedures as well as admissions for unstable angina.

After 26 months of the trial was terminated due to a lack of efficacy of the treatment.

My Conclusion:

No wonder a lot of very serious questions are being asked about the merits of the Trillion Dollar statin industry. More and more conflicting reports start to appear that Statins have very little influence on the outcomes of serious cardiovascular complications. The effects of Evacetrapid on LDL levels and HDL levels are far better that any standard Statin therapy results.

If one considers the terrible side effects of Statins and the fact that 10% of statin users do get Diabetes type 2, one wonders why one more Statin tablet is being prescribed.

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