Patient is a 65 year old pathologist. Was reasonably active with cycling and horseriding. He was overweight and enjoyed a social life with a daily glass of wine and occasional beers over weekends. He experienced exercise intolerance and was on treatment for cholesterol, hypertension, gout and an arythmia that kept him awake at night. He also took one Ecotrin daily.

On 27 July he tested a continous glucose monitor for Metronic just to find out that he has an average blood glucose value of 10 mmol/ml. He was surprised because at the end of 2016 he was screened for an insurance policy and nothing was wrong.

For obvious reasons he started to study Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome and came to the conclusion that there is no quick cure for this disease and that if he want to survive this challenge he must change his ways. He also realized  that he was treating the symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome – a common mistake. (Hypertension, gout, high cholesterol and arythmia). He learned for the first time in his life that if he could control metabolic syndrome, he may not need al these chronic medications.

At this stage his clinical profile was as follow:

Weight: 117 kg.

BMI: 34,94

Fasting Blood Sugar: 9,8

HDL-cholesterol: 1,4 mmol/L

LDL-cholesterol: 3,2 mmol/L

C-reactive protein: 3,9 mg/L

HbA1c: 7,8%

Exercise History: 30 minutes cycling per week.

On 17 January 2018 after all the principles proposed by newCare innovation were applied, the following clinical criteria were observed:

Weight: 95 kg.

BMI: 28,37

Fasting Blood Sugar: 5,2

HDL-cholesterol: 1,9mmol/L

LDL-cholesterol: 2,6mmol/L

C-reactive protein: 1,6mg/L

HbA1c: 5,8%

Exercise History: Minimum of 6 hours running and cycling per week.

His excercise intolerance and activity level was exceptional and on Friday 9 March 2018 he ran 10,3 km in 1,05 hour. (Something that he last did in the army in 1971).

If you think this is exceptional you are wrong. In the most recent literature all over the world this is happening more and more. Old obese people are reviving under good advice and after aquiring the support, knowledge and skills from professional people about Metabolic Syndrome. Worst of all is that the knowledge of general practitioners and specialist about the effect and treatment of metabolic syndrome is currently limited.


He stopped all medical treatment for cholesterol, high blood pressure, arythmia and gout. He currently is just using one Ecotrin and 1 gram of Metformin per day.



When this photo was taken 3 March 2018 his weight was 86 kg. Just after the photo was taken he climbed a spoiled black arabian stallion who injured him 2 years ago; just for the challenge. It was succesful.


On 14 September he participated at the age of 65 years in a showjumping event and won the class.



His comment after this event was that with the current treatment and lifestyle changes, he feels that he is busy cheating life, because he feels 40 year younger than before.


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