Role of Gut Microbioma in Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity and Diabetes Type 2.

Role of Gut Microbioma in Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity and Diabetes Type 2.

Shocking early observations.

All of us know how bad it is to accomplish something very difficult, just to find out there is a much easier way to solve the problem.

Like for example, to try a lifetime to lose weight, just to find out you were barking up the wrong tree.

Backhed et al in 2004: Use mice (Group1 mice) that were protected genetically against obesity caused by consuming high sugar, high fat diets. They took bacteria from conventionally raised fat mice’s gut and colonize group 1 mice’s gut with the bacteria;

Result: Group 1 Mice: Increase body fat with 60% in 14 days and develop insulin resistance. (Criterium of Diabetes Mellitus)

Furthermore, they compared the ratio of Fermicutes and Bacteroides. (Two principle classes of Bacteria in gut); Obese mice have a 50% reduction of Bacteroides and a proportional increase in Fermicutes.

In an effort to explain this:

The obese individuals have a gut microbioma (More Fermicutes and less Bacteroides) with an increased capacity for energy harvest. (and therefore become obese).



Although very early in the exploding knowledge about the microbioma, it appears that due to several reasons, of which type of food that you eat, may influence the ration of the two major groups of bacteria in your gut. (Increase in Fermicutes and decrease in Bacteriodes). This abnormal ratio of bacteria may make your microbioma more effective by increasing the amount of calories you absorb and therefor making you more obese and prone to diabetes.

Riduara et al: (Published in Science in 2013) transplanted faecies from fat humans to lean mice and transferred “human obesity” to lean mice.

My own experience and theory: I lost 38 Kg in 8 months and reversed my type 2 Diabetes, by not changing my calories, but by drastically curbing my carbohydrates intake.

My Theory: I changed my gut microbioma by increasing the ratio of Bacteroides to Fermicutes and therefor got all the benefits I experienced.


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