Obesity and Cancer.

In a Pubmed search for the keywords “Cancer” and “Obesity” the search results display a total of 27 264 articles related to the subject.

In this massive amount of information I tried to select quality articles of research and again look at the facts. As a histopathologist with 30 years experience, I can see that the percentage of pathology cases with neoplastic pathology is increasing dramatically and that younger patients are diagnosed with colorectal carcinoma and breast carcinomas. Pancreas carcinomas were a rarity 30 years ago, but currently more and more cases are diagnosed.

A N Engl J Med of April 2003;348(17):1625-38 the following article by Calle EE et al reported the following:

Study on 900,000 U.S adults (404,567 men and 495,477 women) were enrolled in 1982, all of them cancer free in 1982. There were 57,145 cancer deaths over the next 16 years out of this group.

The results strongly implicate obesity as associated with increased death rates for all cancers combined.

People with BMI values of 40 and over (Morbid obese) have death rates for cancer of 52% higher for men and 62% higher for women.

Significant trends of increasing risks for higher BMI values were observed for cancers of stomach and prostate in men. For women there was a strong association between higher BMI (obesity) and deaths from cancer of breast, uterus, cervix and ovary.

At that stage it was estimated that 14% of all cancers in men and 20% of all cancers in women can be related to obesity.

If that was the situation between 1982-1998, we can expect drastic increased numbers of cancer in America and South Africa over the next 20 years.

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