Mathemedical sense.


I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and Diabetes Type 2 18 months ago.  At that stage my monthly medical bill for cholesterol, hypertension, heart rhythm and gout was R 1450.00 per month. Thank the Lord that it was before endocrinologists wanted to put me on insulin.

I took on a LCHF diet. lost 42 kg and stop all drugs.

If this would happen to 37% of patients with metabolic syndrome in South Africa a

Decline in utilisation of pharmaceutic industry in South Africa will be

R 26, 825,000,000.00 ( Yes, R 26 Billion).

It is good thing my running abilities is now on 65 years of age the best in my life (thank the ketones). If they (Pharmaceutical industry) know of this possible decline in their budget, I may be in need of speed and endurance.

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