Low Carbohydrate High Fat diet for Diabetes type 2 and Obesity

Important to understand that a LCHF diet to be effective for diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome it must contain less than 50 gram carbohydrates. Remember it is not so much how much you eat but what you eat.

We do not believe in the CICO theory, where you believe that you will loose weight if you count calories ate and deduct calories loss during exercise.  This is doomed for failure.

To count the grams of carbohydrates and become aware what are high carb foods and what are low carb food is the right way to go.

Dramatic examples:

One 340 ml tin of cream soda cool drink is about 49 gram of carbohydrate and if you want to go that root, you spent all your carbs for one day.

Two fried eggs have 2,2 gram of carbs while 200 gram of cheddar cheese has only 2,6 gram of carbohydrates. One cup of full cream yogurt has 7 gram of carbohydrates while one slice of white bread has 13 gram carbohydrates.

One cup of mielie or oats porridge has 46.9 gram carbohydrates while one serving of Weetbix has 22 gram of carbohydrates.

One liter of coke has about 24 grams of carbohydrates while one cup of instant coffee with milk has 4 gram of carbohydrates.

Below follow an example of a 50 gram carbohydrate diet used by the author on his way to reverse type 2 diabetes

Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome

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