Ketogenic diet and Metabolic syndrome and obesity

This important study illustrates:

Massive benefit of a ketogenic diet with induction of nutritional ketosis.

The people in this study improve all markers for metabolic syndrome drastically in comparisons with the standard America diet (SAD diet)

M.K. Gibas, K.J. Gibas, Induced and controlled dietary ketosis as a regulator of obesity and metabolic syndrome pathologies, Diab Met Syndr: Clin Res Rev (2017),

The findings of this study show that through the induction of nutritional ketosis (<50g CHO), MetS can be successfully treated and many of the pathologies reversed through the restoration of beta oxidation. The study demonstrates that an increased ability to oxidize fat through modulation/regulation of insulin secretion is foundational to mediating the pandemic public health crisis of MetS, pre-diabetes and T2D.

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