Intermittent Fasting: The wonder cure!!!!

The benefits of intermittent fasting is slowly, but steadily on the rise.

It has its effect through increasing insulin sensitivity and is therefore beneficial for obesity and metabolic syndrome. It also augment the levels of ketone bodies in the blood and enhance functional ketosis. For treatment of certain cancers and epilepsy it may also help to keep up the ketone levels.

What is wonderful is that one study shows that the people with metabolic syndrome who’s metabolic parameters are the worst for risk of cardiovascular disease, shows better improvements in risk markers. This is very promising and may be the treatment of choice for metabolic syndrome

What is intermittent fasting: One easy example: eat two days normal and skipped breakfast and lunch for the next day.

In one of the more careful randomised controlled trials, Wei and colleagues randomly divided 100 people into two groups. Forty-eight consumed a “fasting-mimicking diet” that was low in calories, sugars and protein but high in unsaturated fats for 5 days a month. The diet provided about 1100 kcal for day 1 and 700 kcal for days 2-5. The dieters ate whatever they wanted for the rest of the month. The other 52 participants ate whatever they wanted throughout the month as a control group.

The fasting mimickers lost an average of 2.6 kg  whereas the people in the control group maintained their weights. The fasting mimickers also had a decrease in insulin-like growth factor 1 concentrations (a marker of cancer risk) and systolic and diastolic blood pressure

After 3 months, the control group joined the other participants on the intermittent diet, and a total of 71 participants completed three month-long cycles of the regimen. Those whose biomarkers put them at highest risk for cardiovascular disease or metabolic syndrome achieved the most significant improvements in these biomarkers.

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