Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance means that the cells of the body do not fully respond to insulin that is released. The result is that glucose remains in the blood instead of being moved into the cells. Glucose is also not moved into the liver for storage. In the early stages of Type 2 diabetes, the pancreas produces larger amounts of insulin to try and overcome this resistance.

In Pre-Diabetes (Metabolic Syndrome) the pancreas is required to work harder and harder to produce more and more insulin in response to the higher levels of glucose in the blood.

Eventually the pancreas starts to fail and the islands of Langerhans stop producing Insulin.

Every patient and primary health care provider must do its outmost to prevent  this situation where the Islands of Langerhans start failing.

This is the phase where Type 2 Diabetes becomes full blown and the patient may even need insulin.

All new research show that the process  can be stopped by drastic lifestyle changes and weight loss, and more and more people completely reverse their insulin resistance with low carbohydrate high fat diets, exercise and loss of weight. A lot of research also pointed out that the outcomes of Insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes is not very good and that the route of drastic lifestyle changes  is the way to go.

Virta health in America who put pre-diabetec (Metabolic syndrome) and even type 2 diabetes patients on a ketogenic diet reverse type 2 Diabetes in up to 40% of cases.


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