Getting Younger for your Age.

Let we talk about Metformin, the wonder drug.

Trade name:  Glucophage: There are many more names.


Why do I recommend it for all people with metabolic syndrome?

There are several good reasons, but I will concentrate this post on the claims that Metformin induces longevity and make you younger.

This is technical but bear with me:


AMPK (adenosine-activated protein kinase) is found in every cell in the body. It serves as a a “regulating switch” that revitalising ageing cells.


  • It facilitates elimination of cellular garbage that accumulates inside ageing cells.
  • Creating new mitochondria.
  • Regulating glucose uptake.
  • Reducing fat storage.


Another very important attribute is that it induces multiple longevity factors, which have been shown to increase stress resistance and induces increased life span in many organisms.


Ref: Salminen A et al:  AMPK impact on health span and lifespan J Mol Med 2011; 89(7); 667-76.

{There are many more mainstream researched articles in this regard}.


With reduced AMPK the following happens, that  evolves to early death and bad health

(I have 24 researched articles proving this);


  1. Degenerating enzymes and proteins increases in cells and lead to degeneration=of nerve cells (Neurons)=(Alzheimers disease).
  2. High cholesterol and triglycerides.
  3. Insulin resistance.
  4. Chronic inflammation.
  5. Belly fat.
  6. Raised Blood sugar.

( The witch-brothel that informed doctors call metabolic Syndrome)



How can one Boost this important AMPK:

  1. Metformin: This drug works by increases activity of AMPK.

Most doctors just prescribe it for Type 2 Diabetes and it is difficult to get hold of the drug. Some people experience digestive upset, but usually it disappears. I prescribe it widely for patients with metabolic syndrome.

  1. Ketogenic diet and calorie restriction. One of the scientific reasons for intermittend fasting.
  2. Exercise: Vigorous exercise increases AMPK activity.




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