Cholesterol does not cause heart disease!

For the last 50 years total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol was seen as the major cause atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. The one trillion dollar anti-cholesterol therapy is based on this assumption. (Statin therapy).  This article was published in “Expert review of clinical Pharmacology“; 10 September 2018.

Out of this article the shocking details of statistics out of the famous Framingham heart study (30 years heart study) reported that for every 1 mg/dl drop in Total cholesterol per year there is an eleven percent increase in coronary and total mortality. Three years later the American Heart Association reported contrary figures from the same study. The authors fraudulently referred to the Framingham study to support their view.

Today the general opinion is that total cholesterol is not a useful predictor of Coronary vascular disease.

The article also pointed to two studies pointing out that LDL cholesterol in patients with myocardial infarction is lower than normal.

The study also pointed out that elderly people with high LDL-cholesterol live the longest.

The writers of this research politely stated as a conclusion that the benefit of statin therapy is grossly exaggerated.

The writers refer to a recent study by Kirstensen that pointed out the statin treatment at the most prolong health by a few days.

If that is not criminal, I do not know what is. To expose more that 20% of the world’s population and health systems to statins with their terrible complications at a price of trillions of dollars, without any benefit, should not be left unpunished.

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