Intermittent Fasting: The wonder cure!!!!

The benefits of intermittent fasting is slowly, but steadily on the rise. It has its effect through increasing insulin sensitivity and is therefore beneficial for obesity and metabolic syndrome. It also augment the levels of ketone bodies in the blood and enhance functional ketosis. For treatment of certain cancers and epilepsy it may also help to... Continue Reading →

Ketogenic diet and Metabolic syndrome and obesity

This important study illustrates: Massive benefit of a ketogenic diet with induction of nutritional ketosis. The people in this study improve all markers for metabolic syndrome drastically in comparisons with the standard America diet (SAD diet) M.K. Gibas, K.J. Gibas, Induced and controlled dietary ketosis as a regulator of obesity and metabolic syndrome pathologies, Diab... Continue Reading →

Cholesterol does not cause heart disease!

For the last 50 years total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol was seen as the major cause atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. The one trillion dollar anti-cholesterol therapy is based on this assumption. (Statin therapy).  This article was published in "Expert review of clinical Pharmacology"; 10 September 2018. Out of this article the shocking details of statistics... Continue Reading →

Mathemedical sense.

  I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and Diabetes Type 2 18 months ago.  At that stage my monthly medical bill for cholesterol, hypertension, heart rhythm and gout was R 1450.00 per month. Thank the Lord that it was before endocrinologists wanted to put me on insulin. I took on a LCHF diet. lost 42... Continue Reading →

Metabolic syndrome; Signs and Symptoms

Hypertension or on treatment: 90% of cases. Cholesterol treatment: 70% of cases. Inactive and lack of energy: 80% of cases. Gout: 35% of cases. Obesity: 80% of cases. Cancer: 25% of cases. Low grade inflammation (feel warm): 60% of cases Fast heart rate. (tachycardia): 60% of cases.

World’s biggest killer: Hyperinsulinaemia.

In an excellent report about hyperinsulinaemia/Insulin resistance by Michael Joseph MSc the following valuable information become available; Full article: Hyperinsulinaemia refers to when the body is producing to much insulin to keep high blood sugar levels in check. Without adequate intervention chronic hyperinsulinaemia can lead to type 2 Diabetes. But hyperinsulinaemia is associated with... Continue Reading →

Low Carbohydrate High Fat diets

In  an excellent review by Noakes and Wind in the British Journal of sport, the two authors evaluate the value of a LCHF diet and without fear or favour pointed out the benefits and pitfalls of such a diet. What follow is a summary of this article. The original article appears in Br. J Sports... Continue Reading →

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