Alzheimer’s causes more simple as originally thought.

Alzheimer disease is  complex but if all research done is scrutinised and evaluated the solution is actually much simpler.

Alzheimers treatment is based on the assumption that it is cause by b-amyloid and tau tangles and the current available treatment is geared  to remove the amyloid out of the brain.

Unfortunately drug companies spent billions of dollar on research to dissolve or remove the amyloid. From the time that Dr. Alzheimer, a neuropathologist, described this condition in 1906, no real progress has been made on this increasing problem for the ageing world.

We sit with excellent mainstream research about certain associations and conditions that are closely associated with Alzheimer’s disease, but because it does not appear so dramatic as a single drug, it is mainly ignored by the mainstream medical industry.

What do we know that is true and make sense:

  1. Insulin resistance is associated with Alzheimers disease.
  2. Patients who have two ApoE copies in their genes have a 50% all time chance to get Alzheimer’s disease. (If you have only one copy your changes are about 25-30%)
  3. Due to the close association with Type 2 Diabetes, some people refer to Alzheimers dises as type 3 Diabetes.
  4. Over 300 good researched articles points out to an association of Alzheimers with high levels of homocysteine. Some articles pointed out that if the level of homocysteine is brought down with treatment the Alzheimer’s improve.
  5. There is a role for heavy metals in the origin of Alzheimer’s disease (amalgams in dental fillings).
  6. Inactivity and lack of brain exercises contribute drastically to the increase incidence of Alzheimer’s disease.


There are doctors who start to get dramatic results on Alzheimer’s disease with measures to address these mentioned problems.

newCareLife developed an application with 32 parameters of factors that have an influence on the brain. These criteria are regularly being monitored and the results are coming slowly and steadily.




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