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newCare.life is based on the experience of an overweight 65 year old pathologist who developed diabetes type 2. He also had metabolic syndrome, hypertension, high cholesterol, gout and heart arrhythmia’s. His medicine bill was 1450 ZAR per month. Worst of all he was inactive and had a serious exercise intolerance. He started to become forgetful and was on the verge of depression and showed early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

Diabetes type 2 as well as metabolic syndrome were reversed over a period of seven months.

The photos above were taken 7 months apart in 2017. In the photo left the writer weighed 122 kg, was inactive with type 2 diabetes and used several chronic medicines. The photo on the right illustrates a fit and healthy person weighing 84 kg, use only one medicine and run long distances without effort.

How could he accomplished this kind of drastic change?

As a doctor he realised that he has only one chance to live for more than two years. He knew the awful complications of type 2 Diabetes and according to endocrine experts, diabetes type 2 is a progressive disease with dreadful  complications (heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure and leg amputations).

He began to study Metabolic Syndrome and type 2 diabetes intensively for three months and came to the following conclusions:
  • Medical doctors go through medical schools without a clear knowledge of metabolic syndrome or syndrome X.
  • The current medical establishment see type 2 Diabetes as a progressive disease that will eventually end up with insulin injections.
  • The current dietary guidelines recommends 50% carbohydrates in a healthy diet. He realised  that this diet is the cause of most of the world’s trouble and that it was based on assumptions made by the American government without any scientific basis. By excepting these guidelines the Americans vulgarise the eating habits of the world.
  • He also realised that  if he depends on recommendations of the current health care establishment, he would have no hope for the future.

Based on his newly acquired knowledge he went on a LCHF diet (Low carbohydrate high fat diet), metformin tablets and regular aerobic exercise  and continuous  glucose monitoring. Through the monitoring he learned what the causes of spiking of glucose levels are, and try his best to prevent glucose spiking.

He then kept on learning about his disease and came across the benefits of functional ketosis, the reasons for higher incidence of cancers in metabolic syndrome, the newest research on Alzheimers disease (Type 3 Diabetes) and why cholesterol is not a causative factor in heart disease and strokes.

The result of this was that he lost 40 kg of weight, reversed his Diabetes type 2 and run an average of 40 km per week. He revitalized his live and do things that he done thirty years before. He stopped all medications and his blood pressure and glucose’s is now normal.

He came to realize that the big pharmaceutical and food companies are responsible for preventing that this information is not readily available for the common person in the street.

He also realized that to try to break the current epidemic of obesity and metabolic syndrome will take more that 50 years to achieve, due to incentives and profit drivers in the food and pharmacy industries.

He is a scientific doctor and all his facts are based on the newest mainstream research.

Through this system he wants to take his followers with him on his journey that cured his obesity, diabetes type 2 and metabolic syndrome.

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