Obesity leads to Diabetes type 2 and Metabolic Syndrome. About 60% of obese patients have metabolic syndrome that subsequent leads to serious health complications. We at newCare rehabilitate these patients with the newest science  available and by regular electronic monitoring bring them back to normality.

Diabetes type 2 and Obesity treatment can only be cure with drastic measures and regular electronic monitoring.

The incidence of Obesity in America is 69%. In South Africa it is over 70%.

Most of obese people have Metabolic Syndrome and 70% of people with Metabolic Syndrome get Diabetes Type 2.

These patients are more prone to kidney failure, amputation of legs, heart failure, heart attacks, serious eye complications and cancer. There are therefore may reasons why this destructive epidemic must be handled with drastic measures.

We handle these patients by informing them in detail about there disease, start with a ketogenic diet, start medical treatment and monitor twenty one criteria with a state of art application.

All available research proves that by regular monitoring of critical data the chances of success is 82 percent compares with 17 percent of patients that are not being monitored.

Below are examples of a patient’s BMI over a period of six months:

The application points out that the patient’s BMI came down from 36 to 24 in a period of 7 months. (Weigh down from 121 kg to 84 kg).

The application points out in this other patient how the HbA1C came down from a dangerous value of 8.2% to 5.2% in a matter of 9 months.

Our Cure rate is in the order of 71% of all patients with Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and  Diabetes type 2 that visited our clinic.

By reversing Diabetes Type 2 and metabolic syndrome all the dreadful complications of these two conditions are being prevented. Complications that typical occur in these two conditions are kidney failure, heart attacks, strokes, lower leg amputations, serious eye problems and an increased cancer risk.





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